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  • Alison Surridge (Tuesday, May 21 19 10:35 pm BST)

    Diana has helped me in so many ways. She had an amazing understanding of my symptoms and through homeopathy and counselling has helped me enormously.

  • Vicky Way (Wednesday, February 20 19 09:29 pm GMT)

    Diana listens intently and patiently. She has been a great help with my 7 year old daughter and I thoroughly recommend her, she is a very skilled homeopath.

  • Karen (Sunday, February 17 19 05:14 pm GMT)

    Diana was very professional and extremely helpful in aiding me to overcome my sleep problems. Her counselling skills raised some interesting issues which, with hindsight have caused me anxiety. Would strongly recommend.

  • Vicky Steyn (Thursday, January 24 19 07:16 pm GMT)

    When I went to see Diana I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to help me, but I was mistaken-Having suffered with stress related physical issues she has really helped me get to grips with my health troubles and I’m feeling much better thanks to her. She made me feel very comfortable in every session-really listened and treated me and I am currently booking my next appointment! I would definitely recommend Diana and if you have never tried Homeopathy then give it a go- you will be amazed at how this lovely lady can help you

  • Kate Gray (Sunday, December 09 18 06:24 pm GMT)

    After battling with hepatitis A and on going fatigue for almost 3 months, I visited Diana somewhat desperate for help. I found her manner and approach warm and reassuring and can understand why she would be an excellent counsellor. After 5 or 6 days I began to feel myself again, my tiredness had started to lift and the old me was coming back! After no help from the conventional route, I am so pleased I found Diana and will be back!

  • Melissa (Monday, November 13 17 08:31 am GMT)

    I first went to see Diana to see if she could help me with a phobia and bad anxiety that had really starting affecting my life. It soon became clear I had lots of other hidden worries and troubles I had never talked about resulting in lots of bottled up emotion surrounding parents splitting when I was young.
    Diana has made me feel so comfortable at every session, I feel there is nothing I cannot tell her and her knowledge is so reassuring. I finally feel me again and like a huge weight has been lifted, she has made me SO much more relaxed in every day life and I have such a better understanding of life itself. I would not have had the courage or confidence to be going travelling if it wasn’t for Diana’s ongoing support and faith in helping me feel better, I can’t thank you enough. Nothing is ever to much trouble and I know she will always be there for me in the future. I would not hesitate in the slightest in recommending a lovely lady with amazing skills, knowledge and a natural calming effect. Thank you so much Xx

  • Zoe (Wednesday, April 12 17 06:30 pm BST)

    Diana is most understanding and empathetic. She's helped me to feel like myself again, pushing my anxieties aside. I would definitely recommend her for similar issues.

  • Astrid Brossier (Thursday, March 09 17 12:05 pm GMT)

    When I first brought my 6 years old daughter to see Diana, she was suffering with chronicle cough, skin rash and was taking an ongoing treatment as her bronchus wasn't mature enough. She experienced lots of infectius bronchitis , and was under inhaler for her asthma. Despite the fact she grows up, the only thing that has changed is seeing Diana. And thanks to her homeopathy treatment, my daughter is off inhaler, her rash has disappeared. I can nearly hear a sound when she breathe. She is therefore more relaxed and she doesn't nibble her nail. This is a big thing for her and here are her own words to you Diana: I love your questions, I love my nails and my treat to put on wraps on them with mum when they've grown enough.

  • Talya Baker (Friday, October 14 16 09:36 pm BST)

    I contacted Diana last week as my son wasn't coping with the demands of Year 11 - he was in denial, putting off homework and then getting in a state about it. He was resisting our efforts to help him
    to either do the actual work or organise himself better. Diana suggested a remedy (which I told my son was because he was getting a cold) and this week he's not himself at all - he's an infinitely
    improved version. He's done all his homework straight after getting home every day this week (for the past four years he's refused to do any work before the deadline is approaching), and is singing
    about the joys of relaxing when he's not got work hanging over him to do. It's amazing!! Thank you SO much.

  • Priscilla Brunet (Saturday, October 08 16 03:04 pm BST)

    Having experienced diminishing returns on prescription medication coupled with the worry about long term reliance on these meds, I felt it was time to explore other avenues to combat the hayfever and
    dust related
    allergies which affected me year round. I chose homeopathy prior to pursuing more medical routes and I am so pleased that I did! I started seeing results within a couple of months and managed most of
    the season on my homeopathic remedies alone. During peak season, when I had to supplement my homeopathic remedies it was just with a nasal spray and for a couple of weeks at a time. I no longer have
    to rely on year round prescription strength antihistamines after just a year of treatment. I cannot recommend Diana as a practitioner highly enough. Her insight into the client coupled with her
    knowledge on the subject matter inspire confidence and most importantly, trust, from the start. I can honestly say I am so very pleased that I chose this treatment. The success of it is more than I
    could have hoped for.

  • Rose (Friday, September 16 16 10:48 am BST)

    I went to Diana with piles (a common issue, much hidden away!) which were seriously affecting my day to day life and my emotional state. She was practical, thorough and determined to help. The
    homeopathy she provided along with the support was great and there were some drastic improvements quite quickly. It’s taken a while to get back to almost normal but Diana was there along the way
    tweaking the homeopathy, answering questions or just telling me it would be ok. Excellent service and just wish I had heard about her sooner!

  • Claire Lee (Sunday, September 04 16 07:34 am BST)

    i've lived under the control of parental conditioning all my life. after learning Hypnobirthing with Diana when i had twins, i went back to her for counselling hypnotherapy. i have had counselling
    before but this is so much deeper, which i what i needed to start breaking free & becoming myself. i highly recommend Diana, she is kind, gentle & strong, & with a great sense of humour
    so i can't help feeling like i am walking on air after each session.

  • Hayley Mckelvey (Wednesday, July 20 16 09:55 am BST)

    I took my baby to Diana as he had been premature and we were having some feeding problems that were causing a lot of angst for both of us. I hadn't had much joy with the doctors or health visitors
    and was nearing the end of my tether (and sanity!)

    Diana was like a breath of fresh air. She is the magical combination of many years of experience in midwifery, an encyclopaedic knowledge of homeopathy and (here's the important bit) pragmatism and
    plain speaking common sense. The remedies that Diana prescribed for Monty gave way to a marked improvement but just as powerful for me was the confidence she gave me as a first time mum. She gave me
    a sense of perspective I so badly needed and made me believe that I can do it and to trust my instincts. At that point in time she was what I desperately needed and was incredibly generous with her
    time and empathy.

    I will be keeping Diana's contact details and feel she'd be my first port of call not only for Monty but for me personally too. When A friend recommended her to me they said she was 'the best
    around'. This is a lofty accolade to live up to but I would happily espouse the same sentiment to anyone who asks!

  • Victoria Williams (Friday, March 18 16 02:10 pm GMT)

    Diana, has helped my children and I in many ways including being s fabulous breast feeding advisor when my fourth child was born and more importantly diagnosing a dvt which the medical doctors had

  • Karen (Tuesday, February 02 16 07:36 pm GMT)

    I have listened to Diana's 'Resolving Insomnia' CD for years when I have had periods of struggling to get to sleep - it almost always help me back to slumber. I am very happy to recommend it.

  • Andy (Monday, January 25 16 09:47 am GMT)

    Diana has been treating a phobia that I have for heights, which has affected me for as long as I can remember. We did a series of hypnotherapy and gradual exposure sessions and the change has been
    remarkable. Whilst I still have aspects of the phobia, it is much reduced and I can control my fear much more effectively. Diana is very empathic and understanding and the knowledgeable treatment
    that she gives reassures you from the first session. She has a very calm and considered manner that allows you to feel relaxed and get the most from the sessions. I would highly recommend her.

  • Stephanie Sullivan (Sunday, December 20 15 10:18 am GMT)

    We first found Diana's when looking for hypno birthing sessions for the birth of our second child. My husband and I had 4 hypno birthing sessions and I couldn't recommend it enough. It gave us the
    knowledge and relaxation techniques to prepare for and subsequently have a very easy and relaxed birth with no stitches! She also gave us great advice for the time after Rowan (our second child) was
    born. Since then both my husband and my son have benefited greatly from her heomepathy and counselling service. Diana has had a positive effective on all of al lives and I would recommend her
    services highly to any one

  • Gemma garricks (Thursday, May 07 15 12:57 pm BST)

    Whilst I had huge confidence in the benefits of Hypnobirthing before the birth of my youngest child I had underestimated the enormity of these. The techniques learnt with Diana enabled me to remain
    calm & in control throughout and I can honestly say it works!

  • Lisa Gillham (Monday, March 16 15 08:18 pm GMT)

    I took my twin boys to see Diana around six months ago as one of them was having trouble sleeping at night due to nightmares and was very anxious. Within a couple of weeks he was sleeping through the
    night and his anxiety had reduced considerably.
    He no longer worries about going to bed and continues to sleep through the night. This has had a huge impact on the whole family and school life.
    We cannot thank Diana enough.

  • Rachel Moffat (Tuesday, January 06 15 12:42 pm GMT)

    Diana has been treating my son since he was a newborn
    Recently he was having some problems at school focussing and listening and it was even mooted that aspects of his behaviour were on the autistic spectrum.
    Having treated him from early spring 2014 it was noted in his school report how much he had changed for the better by the end of the summer term. He is now making more effort to listen and focus and
    best of all enjoys school more than ever.

  • Alexander Moghal (Monday, December 08 14 09:00 pm GMT)

    I have benefited tremendously from Diana\' extensive knowledge of Homoeopathy and her deep and insightful understanding of the human psyche.
    She has helped me in addressing not only deep-rooted issues such as Asthma and allergies that have deeply affected my quality of life for more than 20 years , but have also been deeply rooted in our
    family for generations.
    She has also helped me in overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after a tragic incident with my son!
    Without any hesitation, I would recommend Diana to anyone who wishes a more profound healing, and as a result a more fulfilled life-experience.

    Alexander , Retired Army Officer and former CEO.
    MBA & MSc Project Supervisor

  • hannah taylor (Monday, December 01 14 07:35 pm GMT)

    I am one of Diana\'s clients ( age 10) and I have made a full recovery from glandular fever(HORRIBLE!!!!) and the homeopathic pills really helped me get better. I recommend Diana because she is
    really kind.

  • Sarah (Monday, November 17 14 12:19 pm GMT)

    I attended hypnobirthing classes with Diana prior to the birth of both of my children. My husband and I found the sessions to be invaluable preparation for the births and for the early days with our
    babies. Diana is extremely knowledgeable and by the end of our sessions we felt armed with all of the information we needed. We found the sessions extremely positive, reassuring and relaxing; so much
    so that my husband usually fell asleep during the hypnosis practice! The knowledge and techniques we learned were fantastic preparation for labour and we were lucky enough to have two natural births
    (the second at home). We are very grateful to Diana for her help and support and would strongly recommend her classes to anyone who is expecting a baby!

  • Caron Glover (Sunday, September 21 14 11:56 am BST)

    I had the very great pleasure of working with Diana, in a centre offering radiotherapy to cancer patients. All those who were undergoing therapeutic counselling and hypnotherapy treatment with Diana
    universally praised her work. It was for this reason that I asked Diana to see me on a professional basis, outside of work.
    Over the course of the last six months, Diana has helped me turn a corner on some of the most important aspects of my life: understanding stress and how I use my adrenalin, methods to keep myself
    calm, examining the root causes of my desire to please, insecurities, confidence, self-belief, the list goes on.
    As a result, I have successfully navigated a huge change in my career, overcome enormous difficulties in purchasing our first home, coped admirably with a sudden health scare with my mother, and have
    consequently seen, and orchestrated, a monumentally positive shift in my relationship with my husband.
    Diana has helped me develop the tools and a way of thinking that will inevitably help me more and more over time. She has supported me in every way imaginable. I can’t put in to words how much I
    appreciate what Diana has done for me, but I can say this – Diana Tibble is simply brilliant, and I unreservedly recommend her to you!

  • Rosie Osborne (Saturday, September 20 14 09:58 am BST)

    I was given Diana details when i was in a very bad place. She listened, supported and helped me in a way I never thought possible She is compassionate and completely professional I would not hesitate
    in recommending her to friends, relations or anyone in need. She is lovely warm person.

  • Sophie A (Wednesday, September 17 14 06:27 pm BST)

    My husband and I saw Diana for hypnobirthing sessions before the arrivals of both of our children!
    I was a bit sceptical about the 'hypno' side of things but she had been recommended by several people. Her positive and relaxed attitude put us at ease immediately and - as a former midwife - her
    knowledge is invaluable. After our sessions we felt so much more informed about the labour process and more equipped to manage it. I had two straight-forward natural deliveries (the second at home)
    and put a lot of that success down to her breathing techniques and reassurance!
    Thanks again Diana.

  • Gaynor Cooper (Monday, August 18 14 05:25 pm BST)

    Having attended Diana's classes for help with the birth of my second child after a traumatic birth with my first child, I can highly recommend her. She is amazing. Her hyno-birthing training was
    great and enabled me to have a completely different birth second time around where I felt in control and let my body do what it does best.

  • Yvonne (Friday, August 15 14 02:17 pm BST)

    I can't thank Diana enough, my life has new transformed from sleep deprived no energy to being a mum again!
    My daughter and husband have suffered from night terrors for a long time. My husband was offered medication from sleep clinic and that's about it and my daughter (3) was told her adanoids and tonsils
    needed to be removed as this was the problem causing the sleepless nights!
    After I found Diana with in one week my daughter was going from 3/4 hours sleep a night to sleeping full nights....... I was a transformend mother and my daughter has become a happy little girl
    My husband does t lash out at night or try and climb out of windows!!
    My house has transformed from the night time house of terror to a calm relaxed quiet home.
    I wish I'd have found her earlier! Thank you Diana, you have changed my world!

  • Martha (Monday, January 13 14 04:47 pm GMT)

    I can’t praise Diana enough. I’ve seen her for years as a homeopath after meeting her through hypnobirthing and she’s been a true support to me and my family every step of the way.

    The kids love going to see her and her wealth of knowledge and experience with children is invaluable. She has helped us with so many things homeopathically, but also knows when to send us to the

    I recommended her to all my friends and would happily recommend her to you as well. I grew up with homeopathy and have seen a lot of homeopaths, but I can genuinely say that Diana is my favourite.
    With her open approach I have learned so much, and I am ever grateful for her personal commitment.

  • Helen (Monday, January 13 14 02:45 pm GMT)

    Diana was absolutely key to us finally having a successful pregnancy. We already have a 4 year old daughter but were having difficulty in getting a our second child. I had suffered a miscarriage in
    between and was convinced I couldn't have a second. Within 2 months of seeing Diana we were pregnant. Unfortunately the path was not a smooth one with an early miscarriage being suspected but
    throughout Diana gave tremendous support to both of us and in October we were delighted to welcomes daughter into our family.

    I could not have done it without the extra support.the whole fertility issue is such a sensitive one and needs to be treated so carefully, seeing. Diana allowed me to talk very freely and finally get
    to the root cause of my concern.

    An amazing woman! We will not be looking to get pregnant again but if I were I would not hesitate to see Diana again! Any excuse!

  • Meg Bellingham (Thursday, October 17 13 01:07 pm BST)

    My 4 year old daughter, Katie, had suffered from chronic constipation from just before she was one, I was quite literally at my wits end to know how to help her or what to do.
    I knew Diana after having Hypnobirthing with her for my third child, Diana was so supportive and understanding of both myself and my husband during our pregnancy - she helped us achieve the birth we
    had always hoped for. So when I bumped into her and explained Katie's 'poo problem' she said she could help and I didn't hesitate in booking Katie in for a session with Diana. I knew that if anyone
    could help us she could!
    So I took Katie to see Diana after we had spent 2 years on semi-successful medication and an extended, traumatic potty-training experience.
    Our whole lives were dictated by when Katie had last pooed...if it was several days or a week (a regular occurrence) we knew that leaving the house would be very difficult if not impossible as it
    meant Katie needing to go to the toilet every half an hour and then screaming in pain as she tried to poo.
    Our GP had advised us that she would 'grow out' of this, but that might not be until she was as old as 7!
    We had to do something, not only was our whole family life centred around this issue with myself and my husband feeling increasingly stressed out by it, but worse was that Katie was in discomfort
    most of the time and in pain some of the time - it affected her sleep, her eating and her behaviour.
    Katie and I had two sessions with Diana over the course of a couple of weeks, Katie loved visiting Diana and was never nervous or unhappy in her presence the way she sometimes was with doctors. Diana
    created such a lovely, calm and chatty environment that Katie felt at ease. I loved that Diana always included Katie in our discussions and never spoke down to her - she definitely understood Katie's
    Diana gave me a couple of different Homeopathic remedies, it took a couple of tries to get the right remedy and right dosage but when we did everything changed almost overnight...we were on holiday
    in Devon when Katie just announced she needed a poo, she took herself to the toilet and without any crying, screaming, fuss or drama just did what she needed to!
    It might not sound that amazing for a 4 year to go the toilet and do a poo, but to us it was like a miracle!
    As a family we had experienced stress, worry and, for Katie, pain for over 3 years and all that just stopped in a few short weeks.
    Thank you so much Diana!! I'll be knocking on your door for all my family's health needs from now on ;)
    Meg...and Dave, Ben, Katie & Lila

  • Kate (Tuesday, October 15 13 02:07 pm BST)

    I actually find it very hard too fully express how thankful we are for all you have done, and wanted to write a few words so that others who maybe considering consulting you know how beneficial it
    was for me...
    I first saw Diana after trying to conceive for 3 years. By this point I was very low & doubting it would ever happen for us. Diana helped me to regain my positivity & my outlook completely
    changed. I felt so prepared for IVF that I was able to accept it as a positive experience. We now have beautiful identical twin girls & truly believe that some of this success is due to how happy
    & relaxed I was thanks to Diana's sessions
    From Kate

  • Sarah (Tuesday, October 15 13 01:54 pm BST)

    My son had always been a terrible sleeper and we tried everything. By the time he was two and a half we were resigned to him spending most of the night in our bed after at least an hour (if not
    longer) of trying to get him to sleep. It was demoralising and exhausting. When we met Diana she seemed to just 'get him' - she could understand his character and personality almost instantly - it
    was like she had always known him. Oliver was given phosphorus and the difference was almost instant. Bedtime got a lot, lot easier so much so that he was like a different child. We could and can now
    leave him in his bed and he goes to sleep on his own (a complete first) and he rarely wakes in the night. If he does he will settle himself or we take him back to his bed and he goes back to sleep.
    No more nights cramped into his toddler bed, freezing on the floor or being kicked in the back - amazing!

  • Betty (Tuesday, October 15 13 01:52 pm BST)

    Dear Diana,
    What can I say “thank, thank you, thank you”100% success! Just came back today and I still have the remedy intact. Does it keep? Will it be alright for the next holiday?
    I must admit that I did do all the right things and fresh figs were in season and I am sure that it helped.
    Best regards, Affectionately, Betty

  • Pam (Tuesday, October 15 13 01:50 pm BST)

    Hi Diana
    Flight to Jersey and ensuing holiday went according to plan. Absolutely no problem! Can't thank you enough for all your help and the confidence you have restored in me over the last few months. I
    have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and am sure I shall contact you again should, or when, I need a 'top up' of relaxation.
    Once again, thank you.

  • Lisa (Tuesday, October 15 13 01:48 pm BST)

    Since being introduced to homeopathy by a friend two years ago, our lives have completely changed for the better. Seeing a very sick child change and recover within minutes of giving the correct dose
    of homeopathy treatment is absolutely amazing to experience.
    I now use homeopathy for the whole family for every kind of medical problem, from a basic fever or pain, to illnesses such as meningitis and pneumonia. Even psychological issues like nightmares, have
    been reduced by the use of homeopathy.
    This has all been achieved by the great kindness, understanding and knowledge of our homeopath, Diana Tibble.
    Lisa Walter

  • David (Tuesday, October 15 13 01:41 pm BST)

    Hi Diana,
    I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that we have just
    returned from a trip to Bruges in Belgium. It was a 65th birthday present
    for my dad, and I went there with my family, brothers and parents, which
    obviously gave me a good deal of support.
    However, a year ago I don't think I would have considered the thought of
    going to Belgium, let alone driving in Europe, on the wrong side of the
    I did have occasion to use the techniques you taught me to help control the
    anxiaty that I felt at times, and this definately helped me to cope with the
    trip, and although I certainly wouldn't say that I'm about to embark on a
    world tour, I am looking forward to travelling some more in the future.
    Maybe that Christmas trip to Euro Disney!
    I'm very grateful for the help you have given me to make it possible for me
    to do this. Hopefully it will be the first of many trips!
    Best Regards,

  • Sarah (Tuesday, October 15 13 01:40 pm BST)

    The hynotherapy has transformed my life, enabling me to control my levels of stress to minimise the negative effects they were having on me. It has enabled me to return to work after a prolonged
    period away and to be confident in dealing with the politics and pressure of that environment effectively. I also love practising and regard the time I spend doing so as my own special treat!

  • Emma Pugh (Sunday, October 13 13 06:07 pm BST)

    I have known Diana for over 10 years and words cannot express how much she has helped me over the time. She's am amazing homeopath, healer, counsellor, listener and now friend and I cannot recommend
    her highly enough. Her style is so personal yet she gets to the core of your issue be it physical, mental or emotional and helps you see the patterns and what you can do yourself to help. Diana, move
    to Wales, we need you here!

  • Ruth Rose (Sunday, October 13 13 01:43 pm BST)

    Thank you SO much Diana for all your help! I don't know how I'd have got through two pregnancies,post-natal recovery, and all of my little ones' childhood illnesses and ups and downs without your
    support and wisdom. I really appreciate your compassion, calmness and warmth. AND the fact that my toddler is very happy and relaxed during our appointments speak volumes for me. These little ones
    are very good judges of character! Very best, Ruth


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