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Homeopathy  is a safe, gentle, effective and non-toxic route to the restoration and enhancement of health. It is a holistic process of cure, where the person rather than the labelled disease condition is treated. Clients generally find that improvement is experienced on many levels, rather than exclusively with the presenting complaint.
My patients are newborns right up to older people and everything in between! At a consultation you will explore the important issues relating to your health, it should be a relaxing and enlightening experience.


Many people seek help from homeopathy when they are going through a difficult patch either physically or emotionally. The confidential and supportive environment along with the remedy helps the patient regain perspective and balance. A first consultation for an adult will take at least an hour and a half, a child’s consultation an hour. Be prepared to be asked questions like what is your favourite food, what do you dream about, do you like to sit out in the sun, or are you happier in the shade? What are you frightened of, do you like to spend time alone? I will be building up a profile of you, and what makes you unique. The answers to these questions will help match your case to one of the several thousand remedies at our disposal.



For example should you have a headache it may be banging or pressure, squeezing inwards or bursting outwards. It maybe over your eyes or at the back or top of your head. You may wish to lie flat and still or slightly raised, or you may be restless. You may feel nauseous, thirsty, hungry or neither! Perhaps despite being chilly you may want the window open and the duvet tucked up to your chin. Solitude maybe what you yearn for or you may feel frightened and want reassurance and company. None of which is right or wrong it is just the way it is. So it is not only your symptoms but how you respond to them which is important. This knowledge enables me to select an appropriate 


Homeopathy works on the principle of ’like cures like’. This means that a
substance that would cause symptoms to appear in a healthy person when given in its raw state will cure those very same symptoms if the substance is transformed into a homeopathic medicine by the active ingredient being diluted in water.


Another example, think about what happens to your eyes and nose when you slice up a red onion, your nose will run and your eyes will stream. The remedy Allium Cepa is made from red onions; it stimulates the healing capacity of the body when suffering from a streaming cold or hay fever with those same symptoms.


You will recieve your remedy in a small tablet which is sucked and is tasteless. Instantly dissolvable tablets are used for babies.


About my qualifications & experience   


I am a professional Registered Homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths and have practiced for 20 years having completed a four year training and now have a busy clinic receiving referrals from midwives, GP’s, health visitors and personal recommendations. I teach Homeopathy to GP’s & midwives, training in Homeopathy, Student Homeopaths at various schools of homeopathy and am frequently a guest lecturer at Homeopathic colleges in the South East, in addition to running courses in Homeopathy ‘First Aid in the Home.’

I abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice and am fully insured through them. As well as being a practicing homeopath I supervise other homeopaths too.

Websites – To learn more about Homeopathy

The Society of Homeopaths


How much will it cost?


My fees include remedies and phone consultations, are reviewed annually, are currently as follows:


First appointment approx 1½ hours - £85 
Follow ups no longer than an hour - £65

I offer Skype appointments after the initial consultation to patients living further afield £65

Home visits are available for those unable to travel with a milage cost.


Concessionary rates available do ring to discussas everyone deserves optimal health regardless of their fiancial means

Children & Students


First appointment 1 ½ hours - £65 
Follow ups no longer than an hour - £50

Payments are made at the time of the consultation by cash, cheque or BACS.

Cancellations & Missed Appointments 

Please give at least 48 hours notice if you want to change or
cancel an appointment. This enables me to offer it to someone else. The full fee
be payable if an appointment is missed.

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Feel free to give me a call to book an appointment, or to discuss, without obligation, before you decide if you would like to book an appointment.  

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